Monday, February 14, 2011


ok ok we are doing it! A re-commitment to our cyber home. Stay tuned followers, stay tuned.

And a vid for your viewing pleasure to keep things interesting while a new post is created.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

I'm blogging about my Mother-In-Law before my wife. (by Jord)

Everyone knows that my beautiful wife and I are freshly married. Going into this marriage I was excited, nervous, and scared, like most people are when they take the plunge. Now I had heard everything about being married from parents. friends, relatives, you name it! And believe me I knew about the Mother-In-Law stereotype....
What's that you say? You don't know about the mother-in-law stereotype? You know, the stories of the controlling, neat freak, who is never worried about speaking her mind, even if that means offending you? Well like most people I heard the stories, but after 3 1/2 months of being married I can confidentially tell all of those people who have shared with me their horror stories that I have no idea what your talking about.

Yeah she is the greatest mom-in-law. I have to admit that I was a little bit nervous from all of the stories I have heard from friends and Co-workers, but none of them came to be.

I'm guessing if your reading this, you probably already know about my amazing Mother-In-Law, if not let me tell you a little bit about why I love her so much.

She is probably the kindest person I have ever met. She truly exemplifies why being Christ like is all about. You can tell when you are in the same room with her. She has a kind heart, that is unrivaled by any other human being that I have met.

In closing, my mom-in-law is better than yours! OBVIOUSLY

Yeah yeah yeah, it may sound corny, but I am truly blessed to be apart of the family that I married into. I cannot thank my heavenly father enough for these past 3 years that I have lived being a member of his church. I never knew what I was missing, but I am very happy that I will not have to live without it any more.


Oh and..............GO UTES!!! 
(that's right for the 1,374,092,230,427,304 people who have asked me when they see me at church with my Utes tie, you can be LDS and a Utes fan)

Thursday, August 26, 2010


Hey BigFisch here, and with request from the lil'fisch, I am here to preview the upcoming college football season. She has been encouraging me to post something on our new blog, and I figured with the season kicking off in exactly one week there is no better time then the present, so here it goes.

I will be making my inaugural post by breaking down the University of Utah Runnin' Utes schedule, I will make weekly predictions for all of this season's games.

Game 1: Pitt @ Utah

Well this game figures to be the hardest season opening game the Utes have played in a long time. Pitt is favored to win the Big East, and comes in to Rice Eccles with a Heisman Trophy candidate at Running back. However Utah has 8 starters returning on offense including Jordan Wynn. I know he isn't the best looking dude, but he can play ball, he along with the two headed monster of Wide III, and Asiata at running back will keep the Utes in this game.

Jordan Wynn

I figure that this game will be a shoot-out which may very well come down to the play of the special teams. This game is a huge stepping stone into the 2010 season for each team. 

Utah-24 Pitt-21

Sunday, August 22, 2010

I blogged about my cat before my husband.

Meet Maui

This feline runs the lives of whoever she belongs to. You can tell by this pic, she doesnt give a crap if I dont want her on the tv, she'll lay / sit? where she wants. And there isnt a thing you or I can do about it. She came from the streets. Literally. Her mom was a stray, who was brought in by one of those rescue places, she was prego at the time, in real rough shape. Mau spent her first few weeks in a shelter with her brothers and sisters. Never once getting a taste of the outdoors, where she was conceived. We took her. I needed a kitten. At first she belonged to mom and I. When she looked like this.

            (ignore the mess on the table, you can read all about it here)

Notice how in these pics she like I said ruled our lives, lounging wherever she pleases even if it is on your chest. "So what?!" she says. "I own you, and ill sleep where I please!" Sitting on the table even though pushing her off a billion times does nothing. You could tell she was going to be a real rebel cat when she was older. Fight off intruding dogs, cats, badgers, what ever entered her territory. Even her fur is an intimidating color! If you cross her, your face WILL get scratched off, (by something other than her claws...yeah shes one of those clawless cats.)

Anyhow, once my mom got remarried, we had to find a new home for Mau. The new husband was allergic, and he was moving in. 

So my dad and broseph took her in. At first she was terrified, as any animal would be. Being taken from all she knows to the unknown would be devastating to an inside only cat, as you can imagine. But she loved it there. She was first introduced to the outside world at dads house. He had a perfect tiny jungle in the back, that she could roam free in. She connected immediately with her feline instincts, and became "The Lioness" collecting grasshopper gifts for her new owners. 12 dead grasshoppers on the living room floor. She had discovered heaven. The outside world was something she never could live without again.

She owned them as well. Pawed at dads door at 5 in the morning. Eventually reaching high enough to pull the lever to open the door. If she wanted in, she would get in! Laying on brosephs laptop when she was cold, regardless if he was using it or not. She needed warmth, and she got her warmth.

Getting on the fridge, scoping inferior humans as they walk by oblivious to the previous planned ambush about to go down.

(take note, shes inside the basket, on top of the fridge. We will address this later on in the post)

The time eventually came when Mau was able to come back home. Only this time to live with bf and I. And we couldnt be happier to have this reckless feline in our family. She has a pet door which she uses every time her instincts tell her "It's time Maui Lioness. Time to enter the jungle you belong in, and show your masters the destruction that lies within your blood." Minuets later she returns with a cricket. Tortures it for a moment as she throws it in the air , and paws at it. After the helpless insect is motionless, she feeds on her pray. Thank you Maui for eating the whole cricket, and not just pieces of it like you do with human food. Yes she either trows-up, or doesnt eat any human food that is offered to her, or she comes across. Her indoor cat system just cant handle anything but the most expensive (because its healthy for her) Science Diet cat food that she is used to.

Maui has an obsession with 
#1 Being up high &
#2 Boxes and bags. Its more than an obsession, its an addiction.

She's crashing after her high from a new pair of boxes/bags
Added July 12 ·  · 

    • Luke Lewis LOL, oh she is such a junkie! Bless her heart, she can't help herself.
      July 12 at 1:16pm ·  · 

    • Sara Fischer It's time for an intervention. This is way out of hand...
      July 12 at 1:33pm ·  · 

She is a part of our family, and we love her (besides my niece who gets hissed at every single time she tries to approach Mau, because anyone and anything foreign to her is a threat. She puffs up like the tough cat she thinks she is, but really...what are you going to do Mau? You have no claws..) She cuddles, she plays, and she drools when you pet her, because it feels so good. She cant be replaced. Even though at times each of us have wanted to kill her, she has left her clawless paw print on each of our hearts.  

She sleeps as I blog about her. 

Heres to you Mau!

Oh just my billion school books...

It's time to post here. "It's the responsible thing to do as a blog owner," says my broseph. So in light of the rapidly approching first day of school I thought it would be a good idea to talk about the billion books I had to buy for a single class. Are you ready?...

Thanks sooooo much mr shively...for requiring books that you wrote yourself, so that I (along with a million other of your other awesome students) had to pay full price for all of them, since they can't be found on amazon or varrious rental sites. Ultimately forcing me to spend hundreds (seriously the moat expensive semester EVER) at the bookstore. You're kind of a douche for that. Anyway, that's just one class here are the rest. (even though its only 1 more, this book is like freeeeeeking thick! The biggest one)

Wanna see bf's books?

(minus 1)

They cost a whopping total of $13 for ALL of them. I would spend more than that to photocopy ONE of my books. But I'm thankfull his teachers weren't douches and required books that they wrote themselves.

So Thanks for letting me complain on here and im sorry you have to ready it. But isnt this what a blog is for? I apologize in advance for abandoning my blog over this upcoming semester. I hope you all understand, judging by my books, its going to be a pretty tough one. So to make up for my future absence, I will post something on here every single time I think to in the next three days, (Hell starts on wednesday).

starting now....

Monday, August 16, 2010

Things I have thought to blog about, but couldn't because I never had a blog...until now

So today, I bought new earbuds (for those of you a little too old to understand, earbuds are headphones that go in your ears). Why? 

#1 I love music IN my ears, not around them.
#2 I need them for school. yes I NEED them. Walking through the halls without music....not happening.
#3 They sound AMAZING and look amazing too. But mostly look amazing.
#4 If someone calls me the music in my ear delightfully fades to a beep, informing me that a call has come, at which point i press a button on the chord and can now talk to person on phone without removing the buds. I push the button again and it hangs up, and what happens then? Music fades right back into my Bob Marley song. Thank you Skullcandy.

I made BF an omelet for breakfast and I took a picture of it because it was made perfectly, and I thought to myself "If I had a blog I would post about this." So i took a picture for future posting. Here is said omelet. I took it with my iphone. Its got a great camera!

I was walkin on campus one day in the fall, and I remember how stressful it was in the halls / on the paths outside, and I was freakin tired and I thought to myself "I don't care if Im late, Im walking as slow as I want." Everyone walks so fast in between classes, and I did too. 

Walking slowly changed my LIFE! Not joking.  That day I got to class on time, and I have everyday since then. I had no idea that if I walked twice as slow as I did before that I could still make it to class on time. Walk slower people. it feels so much better, I promise you wont regret it. You notice things you never did before. I never knew walking slower would allow me to BREATHE in between classes. And after being in classes where my mind is 100% occupied, its now crucial for me to have that breathing time, to give my brain that regeneration. It cant be accomplished with out the slow walk. 

I was wearing my favorite shoes on that blessed day. Im sure you've all seen me wearing them at one point or another.

Thank you Womens Nike Dunk Hi Premium. You changed my life.

Wanna know what else changed my life?


And mostly him... 


Sunday, August 15, 2010

Hey errry body! It's sar here, posting our first real post! (ignore the previous post, it was made by our blog manager. She was testing the text format etc. She's great at this stuff. I'll post a link to her bangin blogs in a near future post.)

we solemnly swear to post here as often as we can. Hopefully we will never be one of those blogs that you love to visit at first, then after two months is the worst blog ever due to lack of updates. Anyhow, we hope you'll enjoy reading about us, we promise this will not be a typical couples blog. We will make it awseome and unforgettable in some extraordinary way. So follow us aiiiight? So happy first post to us and come back soon ya hear?!

Sincerely yours,
Me &...we will call him "big fish". BF for short. (but really just me, bf is watching tv.)

Ps. If the spelling sucks on here, it's cause I suck at spelling...